Rebuilding pre-school Tiguirizane

About this project:

Pre-school Tiguirizane is situated in the village of Nanjiwa, Malawi. The pre-school Tiguirizane is one of the 15 pre-schools supported by the “Pre-schools Project Chilangoma”. Between May and October 2016, we focused on the pre-school buildings that were in the most dire need of renovation work.

Pre-school Tiguirizane was in the worst state, it was even dangerous for the children and teachers to have classes inside. The walls had cracks from top to bottom, inside and outside, half of the wooden support beams were rotten and eaten by termites. During the next rainy season it would surely collapse.

Me (Tim) and Roberto, were the two development workers there at the time, and we decided to break the building down and rebuild it. We had to fundraise the money to buy the building materials, organise the transport for the building materials and involve and motivate the community to work with us. In August 2016 village members started to break down the building and make 8500 bricks needed for the new building.

At the end of October the building was inaugurated, pre-school Tiguirizane had a new school building for a merely 670€! At the beginning of November me and Roberto had to fly back to Europe, later that month our new Team members finalised the inside of the school walls with drawings together with the children. Tiguirizane welcomes 40 children between the age of 3 and 6 every day, thanks to 5 motivated and inspiring female teachers.

They do this voluntarily, without any government support, by doing so they give most of these children the only form of education that they will get. These women have our full support!!

Help us to rebuild schools, setting up food aid programs & improving the average health conditions in Malawi.

Schools For Malawi VZW is a fundraising organisation, dedicated to support pre-schools in TA Kuntaja region, Malawi.
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