NIEUW! Satemwa Tea

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Lovely high quality tea packed in convenient luxury tea bags. These tea bags make it easy and convenient to drink high quality teas. All our tea bags are packed to protect the natural aroma’s and to keep all freshness. Our special packaging also garantees food safety.

Kies hieronder je favoriete smaken: Doosje Green Tea (25 builtjes) 5€, Doosje Black Peach Tea (25 builtjes) 5€, Doosje Herb Tea (25 builtjes) 5€, Doosje Black Tea (50 builtjes) 6€.

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Help us to rebuild schools, setting up food aid programs & improving the average health conditions in Malawi.

Schools For Malawi VZW is a fundraising organisation, dedicated to support pre-schools in TA Kuntaja region, Malawi.
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