Satemwa Tea Estates is a small family owned tea estate in the Shire Highlands in Malawi. Satemwa Tea Estates was founded by Maclean Kay in 1923. Satemwa produces a range of pesticide free high quality teas and is certified by Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ. On top of that Satemwa is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership. Around 95% of the tea produced on Satemwa is black CTC tea – an average of 2.500 tons is produced each year. In March 2019 they started to produce the first commercial Green CTC in Malawi.

Evironment is one of the issues that top the agenda of Satemwa’s CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility) program and deforestation has long reached crisis point in Southern Malawi. Other than regular tree planting on Satemwa, they have a program aimed at training workers and members of the community on the use of stoves that use less firewood. The technology was originally developed by a GTZ funded project called PROBEC who have trained Satemwa’s workers in how to construct fuel efficient water heaters, estate catering size stoves into all workers housing.

As part of Satemwa’s social responsibility program, they provide a number of welfare services, which are available to both staff and their immediate dependants.

The Satemwa Clinic is under the able hands of Mr. Phiri (Clinical Officer) and continues to provide professional medical services to all employees, and their immediate families and to all students at the Satemwa Primary School. The Satemwa Primary School seats +/- 900 pupils. Education is provided in partnership with the government who provide the teachers, learning materials and curriculum, whilst Satemwa provides land, buildings and other structural needs such as teachers housing. This year, Satemwa sent 19 pupils to various secondary schools.

With Schools for Malawi, we sell Satemwa tea (White Hibiscus Passion & Peach, Green Mint, Earl Grey, Black & White) and Satemwa Iced Tea (Cling Peach, Hibiscus & Vanilla, Light Lemon, Mint & Lime) during our activities.

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Growing from Education

Growing from Education is a non-profit association made up of people who are driven by a common interest, to improve the quality of life and the development of communities using community education and participation as the main tools.

Roberto, the person who founded Growing from Education, was a volunteer together with our Chairman Tim, in the pre-school project Chilangoma in 2016.

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Malawi Kinderhilfe Pforzheim

Malawi Kinderhilfe Pforzheim (MKP) was founded in the same manner as Schools for Malawi. Karen, the chairwoman of MKP, was also a volunteer in the pre-school project of Chilangoma. Our chairman, Tim, was a volunteer in 2016 and Karen in 2017. When Karen returned from Malawi, she could not let go of the project. She wanted to support the schools anyway possible. And so Malawi Kinderhilfe Pforzheim was born.

Karen was the first volunteer, that received donations from Schools for Malawi.

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DAPP Malawi

Development Aid from People to People (DAPP) Malawi is a locally registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) recorded by the Registrar General under the Trustees Incorporation Act of 1962 on 8th August, 1996 in Blantyre, Malawi. DAPP Malawi currently employs over 800 staff operating across Northern, Central and Southern Malawi in 16 districts.

DAPP Malawi empowers communities to drive self-sustaining changes, addressing the root causes of poverty, discrimination and vulnerability.

DAPP Malawi improves the quality of life through education for millions of children and adults by promoting individual and collective change. In project implementation, DAPP Malawi uses locally adapted and innovative teaching techniques to help people develop skills that build on the learners’ context (cultural, linguistic, geographic, and economic), and include vital information about life, livelihoods, health, agriculture, small business development that learners can put in to immediate use. DAPP Malawi has extensive experience in rural and remote areas where approximately 85% of the Malawi’s population lives.

Since its foundation in the country, DAPP Malawi has reached out to 3 million Malawians through a number of projects funded by local and international donors, including World Bank, National AIDS Commission, US Government, The Government of Finland, The Dutch Government via Sympany NL, Camfed, Comic Relief via TB alert, Waterloo Foundation, European Union, Beit Trust and Global Fund via ADPP Mozambique/ WITS and various smaller businesses.

DAPP Malawi currently implements 16 projects in agriculture, community development, health and education.

DAPP Malawi through its 4 Teacher Training Colleges, is working with 75 pre-schools in communities around Dowa TTC, Mzimba TTC, Amalika TTC and Chilangoma TTC. Chilangoma TTC in specific directly work with 17 pre-schools around Traditional Authority (TA) Kuntaja.

The volunteers working in the various pre-school projects for 6 or 8 months, are a collaboration between DAPP and the schools who organise the Development Instructor Program.
The pre-schools project, that we try to support financially, is a project that is started up, organised and supported by DAPP Malawi. DAPP Malawi, is an NGO that has been active in Malawi for the past 22 years. DAPP has been implementing vibrant projects related to education, health, agriculture and community development.

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Help us to rebuild schools, setting up food aid programs & improving the average health conditions in Malawi.

Schools For Malawi VZW is a fundraising organisation, dedicated to support pre-schools in TA Kuntaja region, Malawi.
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