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Schools for Malawi is a fundraising organisation, that is dedicated to support pre-schools in TA Kuntaja region, near Chileka airport, Malawi. The locally registered NGO DAPP Malawi, works directly with 17 pre-schools in the area. Children attending pre-schools are between 3 to 6 years old. Pre-schools in Malawi do not receive any support from the government.

With no funds to support pre-schools, most of them are run on a voluntary basis and are unregistered. Most teachers work for free, and have no resources to help them teach, lacking even the very basics including blackboards and chalk, let alone books and toys.

Pre-school education provides an important foundation for learning and Early Childhood Development. With Schools for Malawi, we want to reach out, and support them any way we can.

1. Food Aid

The food supply in Malawi has always been problematic, 80% of the population lives in the rural areas and work in agriculture. Every family is depended on what they can grow, on their own small plot of land. The maize that each family grows, is the food that must feed them the entire year. In most cases, it doesn’t. In a report of 2005, made by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development only 22,3% of the population is able to meet its basic food requirements.

Not being able to acquire enough food for the family, can be seen as one of the main reasons, why parents keep their children at home rather to send them to school. For the family’s survival, parents find it more important that the children help out with the farming or tending the cattle.

Installing rain water collector tanks and promote garden farming; one of the main factors why parents keep their children at home is because the school can’t provide the daily porridge for the children. The pre-schools are depended on donations to get the flour to make porridge. With the project we want to mobilize the teachers and the communities to have a school garden were they can tend their own crops. Another problem presents itself by the lack of water in Malawi. Nowadays the rainy season get shorter each year with less rain, for example, in 2015 the rainy season started almost two months later. To give the schools the chance to also harvest during the dry season, it is so important to create systems for harvesting rainwater.

2. Health

Promoting and boosting better hygienic conditions in the schools as well as in the villages; hygiene is a big issue in Malawi. The children in the schools are often dirty, full of dust and affected by several skin diseases which can spread among the other children.

For this reason our goal is to improve the hygienic conditions of the children by providing buckets with taps needed for washing the hands, by building or improving latrines for the pre-schools, which are often lacking or inadequate. A first step to install a rotating medical post, is to provide First Aid kits for each school.


3. Infrastructure and Education

Improving the school buildings and providing didactic materials; some of the schools are in a deplorable state, damaged because of the weather conditions or because there are no funds to maintain the buildings.

The task is to fundraise money to renovate or in some cases to rebuild the school buildings, also to find funds to install blackboards, and to buy school materials such as; chalk, paper, books, pencils, crayons, educative posters, toys, etc.

With no funds to support pre-schools, most of them are run on a voluntary basis and are unregistered. Most teachers work for free, and have no resources to help them teach, lacking even the very basics including blackboards and chalk, let alone books and toys.

About DAPP Malawi

Development Aid from People to People (DAPP) Malawi is a locally registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) recorded by the Registrar General under the Trustees Incorporation Act of 1962 on 8th August, 1996 in Blantyre, Malawi. DAPP Malawi currently employs over 800 staff operating across Northern, Central and Southern Malawi in 16 districts.

DAPP Malawi empowers communities to drive self-sustaining changes, addressing the root causes of poverty, discrimination and vulnerability. DAPP Malawi improves the quality of life through education for millions of children and adults by promoting individual and collective change.

In project implementation, DAPP Malawi uses locally adapted and innovative teaching techniques to help people develop skills that build on the learners’ context (cultural, linguistic, geographic, and economic), and include vital information about life, livelihoods, health, agriculture, small business development that learners can put in to immediate use. DAPP Malawi has extensive experience in rural and remote areas where approximately 85% of the Malawi’s population lives.

Since its foundation in the country, DAPP Malawi has reached out to 3 million Malawians through a number of projects funded by local and international donors, including World Bank, National AIDS Commission, US Government, The Government of Finland, The Dutch Government via Sympany NL, Camfed, Comic Relief via TB alert, Waterloo Foundation, European Union, Beit Trust and Global Fund via ADPP Mozambique/ WITS and various smaller businesses.

DAPP Malawi currently implements 16 projects in agriculture, community development, health and education.

DAPP Malawi through its 4 Teacher Training Colleges, is working with 75 pre-schools in communities around Dowa TTC, Mzimba TTC, Amalika TTC and Chilangoma TTC. Chilangoma TTC in specific directly work with 17 pre-schools around Traditional Authority (TA) Kuntaja.

The volunteers working in the various pre-school projects for 6 or 8 months, are a collaboration between DAPP and the schools who organise the Development Instructor Program.

The pre-schools project, that we try to support financially, is a project that is started up, organised and supported by DAPP Malawi. DAPP Malawi, is an NGO that has been active in Malawi for the past 22 years. DAPP has been implementing vibrant projects related to education, health, agriculture and community development.

Help us to rebuild schools, setting up food aid programs & improving the average health conditions in Malawi.

Schools For Malawi VZW is a fundraising organisation, dedicated to support pre-schools in TA Kuntaja region, Malawi.
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