Rebuilding pre-school Chitembe

About This Project

The pre-school Chitimbe II is one of the 15 pre-schools supported by the “Pre-schools Project Chilangoma”. Between May and October 2016, we focused on the pre-school buildings that were in the most dire need of renovation work. Chitimbe II was one of the schools who needed urgent renovation work.

Several years ago, work started on building the pre-school Chitimbe II, but apart from building 4 walls and put a roof on top of it, nothing else happened. Even more then pre-school Blessings, this school looked like an abandoned construction site. Surely not a place for pre-school children to be at. For us it was clear to put our focus also on this school.

We have a very good contact with the village Chief. The Chief is very much involved in the renovating of the school building and is very good in motivating and inspiring the people from his village. The main job was putting in a new floor, cementing and painting the inside walls. At the end of October 2016, the indoor work was finished.

We used up 507€ in total to finish this project. Chitimbe II welcomes 32 children between the age of 3 and 6 every day, thanks to 3 motivated and inspiring female teachers. They do this voluntarily, without any government support, by doing so they give most of these children the only form of education that they will get. These women have our full support!!