Rebuilding pre-school Blessings

About This Project

The pre-school Blessings is one of the 15 pre-schools supported by the “Pre-schools Project Chilangoma”. Between May and October 2016, we focused on the pre-school buildings that were in the most dire need of renovation work. Several years ago, work started on building the pre-school Blessings, but the school building itself was never finished. That was how the school looked like when we first saw it, an abandoned construction site. For us it was clear to put our focus also on this school.

Blessings is situated in one of the largest villages in the area we operate in. Many villagers could help out with the building work and collecting river sand, but we received little to no support of the village Chief. The support with the rebuilding of the school came solely from the teachers and their families. The roof of the school was extended and a second classroom was added. The building project was finished at the end of October 2016. With a fundraised sum of 625€ we accomplished all this.

Blessings welcomes 35 children between the age of 3 and 6 every day, thanks to 3 motivated and inspiring female teachers. They do this voluntarily, without any government support, by doing so they give most of these children the only form of education that they will get. These women have our full support!!